A Tale of Two Masters

by @Dedicated Lea

Funny how this timeless opening from one of Charles Dickens’s most beloved novels perfectly encapsulates how I felt after graduating with a French publishing masters back in 2020. Feeling excited, yet terrified of the world outside of academia; feeling hopeful for the future, yet dreading the challenges of job hunting; feeling knowledgeable about the industry, yet knowing deep down it would not be enough; I had everything before me, yet nothing at the same time.

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A Tale of Two Masters

In France, full-time masters take two years to complete. In most cases, two internships and two dissertations as well. So after all this work, why did I decide to move across the Channels to pursue another publishing degree? The answer to that question is both very simple, and extremely complex.

The British Book Awards: Behind the scenes

I am very lucky to work with the phenomenal events team at The Bookseller. We all work tirelessly to bring the finest events to the publishing industry, including the biggest book trade awards ceremony of the year – The British Book Awards. Now that the dust has settled from this year’s event which took place on Monday 23rd May, I wanted to share the experience of working on this big event.

Book Review: How Words Get Good by Rebecca Lee

What better way to learn about the book industry than learning it from a book? I was very happy to receive a copy of How Words Get Good by Rebecca Lee from Profile. The reason? Well, I work in a very niche side of publishing in events and often find myself in discussion with my publishing friends about production, copy-editing and grammar and I just feel a bit lost. Even though I work in the industry, there’s still a lot I can learn about words and how they become a book.

Please don’t tell me you ‘just love books’ in your cover letter

You’ll be surprised how often I see people saying this online or in the office or in career tips videos and blog posts online. And yet, I still hear this coming up quite a lot. It’s very easy to tell that people in publishing also love books. We collect books and stack them up all over our houses. We tweet about them. We spend all weekend reading them sometimes. I catch myself smelling new books. Yeh, I know you do too, don’t deny it.

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