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How to get into publishing: writing covering letters

My secret to a good covering letter is... Treat your covering letter just like you would an essay: the job advert is your primary source and your experience is the secondary criticism

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How to get into publishing: Sales

My next stop in my blog series about the various departments in publishing is all about Sales. Or, to be more exact, Export Sales.

How to get into publishing: Production

A deep dive into what it is like to work in Production with Amy Wong, Production Controller at Bloomsbury.

How to get into publishing: ask me anything

No preamble, just questions and answers...

How to get into publishing: my first roles

What did I do in my first few roles in the industry and what I learnt. What skills can you highlight to progress?

How to get into publishing: impostor syndrome

If you've followed my blog then maybe you know today represents a significant day for me. Today is the second anniversary of when I was made redundant from my Publishing Coordinator role, which led to my spiralling into a pretty... Continue Reading →

How to get into publishing: rejection

This industry is one of the trickiest to break into, but please don’t give up on your applications.

SYP events (sorry for the unimaginative title)

With the 2017 SYP Autumn Conference due to take place next weekend in Oxford, I thought I would belatedly reflect on one of their previous events.

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